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March 2017 Survey Results

Thank you for taking the survey!! We appreciate hearing your thoughts very much, and thought we would share the outcome with you.

Would a Frequent Floater Card entice you to cruise more often? (Buy 4, get the 5th free)

  • Why yes, that would be great — 15%
  • Nope, sorry, 5 times in a season is way too much! Once is enough — 22%
  • Maybe, maybe not – Buy 3, get the 4th free is more realistic — 56% — We will offer the card with this promotion!
  • I never can keep track of those cards anyway, so wouldn’t participate — 7%

As we consider other possible promotions, please rate the following by which you would most likely use

  • Bring 10 guests for the price of 8 — 3.2 average score
  • Bring 10 guests, get one free drink for each — 3.0 average score
  • Refer 40 guests, receive one free Private Charter — 1.9 average score
  • Have discounted tickets in May, October and when it rains — 3.4 average score — We will try this one this year, look at some of the other options in years to come
  • Just keep offering quality cruises, with various themes and don’t monkey with the promotions — 3.2 average score

Thinking back on any time you have been on a cruise through the years, what made the experience stand out in your mind as the best? Or, what would you have liked to happen, that didn’t? (Answers grouped and paraphrased)

  • Much mention about how great, fun, and engaged our crew is – we can’t agree more and are extremely grateful!
  • Many requests for more narration – we are working with the an area historian to make sure we deliver on this! 
  • A better sound system that helps every seat hear the music or narration – we are replacing our whole system this spring
  • Variety of themed cruises – we are having great fun filling out this request – check out details
  • Just being on the water in the sun – we agree!!!!!

Are monthly updates via email a good way to stay in touch?

  • Yes, monthly all year long — 22% — 🙂
  • Yes, monthly during the season, less off – season — 61% — 🙂
  • No, I don’t need to stay in touch, just post relevant info on the website — 17% (we understand, please email us if you would like to be taken off the email list)

Thank you again!! It was WONDERFUL to get so many responses!!