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There has always been something special about being on the water. I grew up visiting family in a small town toward central Wisconsin, and cherished any time I was able to spend on the Chain of Lakes. Floating on a tube, in a canoe, or a motorboat, it didn’t matter. My mind would quiet, my tension would ease, and I would find my zen space. I believe we have a special connection with the water, beyond our need for survival physically, it smooths out the rough edges emotionally too, if even for an hour or two.

That is why I started River Tyme Tours (formerly Fox River Tours). Living in Appleton, the river we have running through our backyard is beautiful and wide and powerful and feels like vacation, just sitting next to it. Having the ability to be on the river, whenever it fits into your day to day, is a gift that you should have without having to own your own boat. We offer that ability – hope to see you out there.




There happens to be a beautiful river flowing right through the heart of some pretty cool cities, in a wonderful state, in the Midwestern U.S. People don’t usually think about it in terms of vacation opportunities. This is all the better for you, because you have found your way to a best-kept secret.

Let us show you what Wisconsin hospitality and a boat that floats will do to your psyche. Stress? Schedules? Deadlines? None exist when you are on River Tyme, our nicely renovated, 55-foot Riverboat, OR on River Tyme Too, our also newly renovated, 46-foot Canal Boat, just waiting to take you and yours out on the Fox.

The Fox River

The Lower Fox River begins at the north end of Lake Winnebago and flows north to empty into Lake Michigan at Green Bay. The river drops about 164 feet over this 40-mile stretch – if you think about it, that’s the drop of Niagara Falls!

The Fox River features a system of 17 recently restored locks. Historically, the elevation change encouraged industrial development and urbanization along this river section. Today, the locks make recreational navigation possible along portions of the Lower Fox.

Communities found along the Lower Fox River (South to North): Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, Kimberly, Little Chute, Kaukauna, Wrightstown, De Pere, Ashwaubenon, Allouez, and Green Bay.

The Fox River Tour Vessel

River Tyme Too
Full Service with Beer, Soda, Water and Individual Bottles of Wine
2 crew – Captain, Crew Mate
Narrator for Heavy Narration Cruises
Capacity of 40 Passengers, most comfortable around 34
Benches with Cushions
Restroom on Land
Docked in Appleton

River Tyme Too – Appleton

Motor Coach Group Tour Info

Private Charter Info

Public Cruise Info

Being On The Water

River Time, our inspiration for the name of our floating boat, is a concept often used by Dave Peck, one of our fearless captains. It is a phenomenon that is almost a law of nature. You cannot control everything when you are on the water. There will be eventualities that cannot be managed, and will mean that you may not get to your destination at the exact time you planned. Part of the magic of being on the water, on a boat, is accepting this as reality, relaxing about it, and letting go.

So add some buffer time into your planning. Don’t let the need to rush off to the next thing steal the magic from your cruise experience.


What makes us special, you ask? Well, we just are!

And, we will work to make sure you have the best, most relaxing, most enjoyable, most fun, most informative, most surprising, most interesting – whichever of these float your boat – cruise experience possible. We will work to have you fall in love with the river and with us, so that we see you again and again.

Policies –

“What happens if I can’t make the cruise for which I bought tickets?” (our more formal language comes from our 4th grade teacher. She taught definitively that you may never end a sentence with a preposition! Now we are hearing that that is no longer true – sigh – what to unlearn next?!?!?)

Back to the actual answer to the question – We will be more than fair to you, and we know how life happens. If you can’t make your scheduled public cruise, just call and let us know, we’ll work it out with you. Refund? Credit towards a future cruise? We’ll figure out the best way to go.

For Private Charters, same thing. We know how life happens when you are making plans. We will be more than fair to you, and will work to make your event an eventual floating reality. As we get closer and closer to the cruise date (2 weeks), though, refunding the deposit won’t be an option due solely because we may have turned other business away from that time slot. This is hard for us to do – but that’s the whole reason for the deposit in the first place, right? You understand, right?

“What happens if the cruise is cancelled?”

The Captain is the captain is the captain. This is his floating boat and when we are on it, he is responsible for our safety – lock, stock, and barrel. His word is law, and we bow and say ‘Yes, Captain’ at every opportunity. It’s his call if the weather is too nasty to go out, or if it really isn’t ok to go out with that one engine smoking like that (Oh, you’re still reading?!). We will let you know as soon as we know via email, we’ll apologize profusely, and who knows? We might invite you out to sit on the boat at our lovely dock with us, and will make sure you have a brand new ticket for a future cruise not hindered by these unfortunate events.

Policies without the humor, or at least what we thought was humor:

If raining: Cruise will commence as we have an interior deck area, and will have ponchos available for purchase.

If severe weather, which is rare: It is within the Captain’s discretion to cancel the cruise. Notification will be given via email and a credit for a future cruise, or a refund will be arranged.

River Tyme Too – Appleton: We are not accessible. There are 5 or 6 steps down from the land to our dock and then 3 steps down from the boarding spot on the vessel to the main deck.

Please call us with your particular needs and we will work with you to see what we are able to do.

We do not allow smoking anywhere on the vessel. We can arrange to have nicotine gum on board for purchase if that will help you enjoy your time with us.

Safety is our first priority. We want you to enjoy our beverage services, however, at the discretion of the bartender, overly intoxicated customers will have the pleasure of wearing one of our fashionable life vests.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure time to allow for ticket sales and safe boarding.

** Do you know where the phrase “lock, stock and barrel” came from? Per Wikipedia – and dare I say, I respect Wikipedia; “The effective portions of a rifle are the lock, stock, and barrel. Collectively they are the whole weapon, and therefore everything. In the early days of firearms manufacturing, individual craftsman made individual components one at a time. One craftsman made the lock, the next craftsman made the barrel, and the last craftsman, who was a woodworker made the stock. At some point, a craftsman or a merchant started advertising, ‘Lock, stock and barrel,’ meaning that you could get your entire gun at one location and did not have to go from craftsman to craftsman to get it finished.” Cool.