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Area Attractions

We have so many people making the journey to the area, looking for places to stay and other things to do – after all, they can’t just cruise with us over and over and over during a weekend get away. Well, we would love if they did – if you did – but we understand that variety is the spice ….

And so, we thought we would share.



Unique and Locally Run Hotels & Restaurants! We personally know the owners of these fine establishments and they are the salt of the earth! They run very fine establishments with history and character. All are within walking distance of our De Pere boat.

Union Hotel & Restaurant

McGeorge’s Pub


A few attractions close to De Pere, about 10 minutes by car: 

A wonderful museum, with a very specific focus – The Automobile Gallery is a treat. And this is not just coming from my husband who is almost as much in love with his classic car as he is with me – but also from me, myself, and I – who have taken many a visiting relative to see this collection. And I have never gotten bored with it. Well worth the visit!

And then, we must mention the ancient rival of our kind! The beast that made river navigation less relevant, less pivotal to society – at least within the continental boarders. The Train! But, we admire her beauty and strength and we have a special place in our hearts for all things made of steel! The National Railroad Museum houses quite a nice collection and is along the river as well. 



Locally Run Hotel & Restaurants! We personally know the owners of these fine establishments and they are the salt of the earth! They run very fine establishments, in repurposed old mill structures. All are within walking distance of our Appleton boat.

Courtyard Appleton Riverfront

Tempest Coffee Collective

Mr Brews Taphouse


A few attractions in Appleton, about 5 – 10 minutes by car:

Many of our Motorcoach Tours choose our package outing which includes this fine house museum. They are always impressed and happy with their choice. Hearthstone Historic House Museum in 1882, became the first residence in the US powered by a centrally located hydroelectric station using the Edison system. That’s a mouthful, we know – we love the history and the house! 

Did you know Houdini called Appleton his home during his youth? We have a museum with a wonderful, permanent exhibit about the man and the magic of it all. They also have great rotating exhibits, walking history tours, and are a 2018 winner of the National Medal for Museum & Library Service! The History Museum at the Castle showcases local history in a repurposed gem of a building!