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Boat Tours

Public Cruises

We believe that water naturally draws folks to it, and we want nothing more than to facilitate getting you to the river. That’s our “why.” See Appleton for many public offerings. De Pere is out of service as of Aug 1.

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Private Charters

With the whole boat to yourselves – whether that time on the water is shared with family, good friends, co-workers, or potential clients – there’s a special something that happens. Join us in Appleton!

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Motorcoach Tours

Then there’s the bus full of strangers that agree to spend time traveling, connecting, experiencing. Being on the river, just seeing what the river brings, rarely disappoints. Join us in Appleton!

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We give you the opportunity to experience the Fox River in a truly unique way. You’ll learn about the history of the surrounding area and see some of the most breathtaking features within the Fox Valley. Book a tour for an unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with Wisconsin all over again.

The swimsuit without the struggle

This might seem strange, but I am dedicated to getting folks in the water as well as on the water! I have Parkinson’s and found this swimsuit 5 years ago that allowed me to get in and out of it without assistance. When the owner needed to retire, I had to do something. So, my daughter and I took over the manufacturing of this innovative suit. If you have ever had an issue getting out of a wet suit – with straps getting all kinds of tangled. Please take a minute to check out our Ease In2 swimsuit. 

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What a fantastic outing for Mother's Day!   The high tea was exceptionally done and more than anticipated for an on board function. China, 5 fantastic‎ teas- thank you LA LUNA for the great teas! The various tea sandwiches were special and the desserts as well.  Thanks for a great river trip making mother's day memorable...wishing you a very successful season!

– Nancie K