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River Tyme Too – Appleton

The Cruise onboard River Tyme Too – Appleton

“Where does the cruise leave from?”

Start your journey in Appleton, a city that just has waterfront redevelopment down to a science. We are docked next to a thriving example of an abandoned paper mill turned into a destination. Our official address is 181 RiverHeath Way, Appleton, Wisconsin. Though that isn’t actually on the water, and we are. When you stand at a the exact spot the GPS will take you to, you will be looking at a tall building. We are hiding on the other side of that.

We are right next to a great little Coffee Shop – Tempest Coffee Collective, a great hotel — Courtyard Marriott Appleton Riverfront and more!

“How long are the cruises?”

Most cruises – both Public Tours – are 1 1/2 hours – the perfect amount of time to relax but not get bored. When we go through the locks, though, the cruise is 2 hours so that you still get enough river time. The lock through experience adds its own unique entertainment! Private Charters are 2 0r 3 hours, or more if you want to add on! We will go all day ……..

“How many people fit on the boat?”

Goooooood question – if you have read this far, you deserve to know the whole truth. Our Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection allows 40 paying passengers. It was a very complex mathematical feat to come to that number …. how many fixed in place seating areas there are. Counting was quite a challenge!

“How many levels are there to this boat?

Just one – so we promise you that you won’t get lost!

“What time should I arrive and is there parking available?”

Please arrive about 10-15 minutes before the cruise. That will allow plenty of time to check in and get a seat. If you come earlier than that, you will be watching us getting the boat ready — or helping us get the boat ready! Parking is directly dribbled and drabbled all around the boat. There are plenty of parking spots, you just might have to hunt for a little bit. If all else fails, Banta Court allows parking on one side of the street.

“Is the boat accessible?”

We are sorry to say no, the River Tyme Too, nor the dock we are at are accessible. Stairs are found on both, 5 from the land to the dock and 3 from the bow of our vessel to the main deck. We .

“Do you have a restroom onboard?”

Nope, afraid not. We are hoping you can make it an hour an a half without the need. We don’t have running water, though, either – so we can’t torture you with that sound in the mean time. The wonderful businesses next to our boat allow our customers to use their facilities – please say an extra thank you to them as you leave!

The Routes

Our main route, which happens to be the most picturesque route, — see how much we were meant to be in this business? — is heading downstream from Appleton. For those non-river rats (we realize that’s most people) who have no idea what that means – it means North (contrary to popular belief) – to Cedars dam and lock. Wooded bluffs and nice homes along with a few surprises may be found.

Sometimes, the Captain wants to escape this 3-mile bathtub and actually go through the Cedars lock all the way to Little Chute. Then there are 3 more locks to go through along a very nice canal. OR, he might turn around and go upstream! This takes us through the heart – would it be the heart? Maybe the once upon a time heart, when the main road was the river, of the City of Appleton. 4 locks and some urban views gives a whole new perspective on this place! When this happens, we end up next to the Appleton Yacht Club. No yachts are actually there, just a great long-time tradition that is simply there for the love of boating and getting on the water. A cause we wholeheartedly support.